What You Should Know if You Want to Give Your Dog CBD

Over the last few years, people have heard about CBD active and have thought about what it can do for their pets. You cannot blame dog owners for wanting to give their pet the best as sometimes they can be in a lot of pain with no real way in dealing with it. However, while many pet owners have already chosen to use CBD oils, many still remain wary over it. It’s easy to see why as it’s still very new to a lot of people. So, what should you know if you want to give your beloved dog CBD oil? Read on for more details here http://www.dutchnaturalhealing.com

What You Should Know if You Want to Give Your Dog CBD

There Is No High with CBD

Since CBD is sourced from a notorious plant, people instantly think their dogs will get high and that’s not really what they want. However, while this might be sourced from a certain plant, it doesn’t actually come with the high that usually is seen. That really makes a big difference simply because it means you don’t have to worry about your pet getting high from CBD active. However, that doesn’t mean to say your pet will like the oil as sometimes, dogs don’t take to everything they are given.

How Safe Is CBD Oils for Pets?

In all honesty, there is a grey area over giving CBD oils to pets, especially dogs. You have some vets who say using a small amount on a dog shouldn’t be too troublesome but that doesn’t stop many pet owners from giving the dog too much. In truth, it’s hard to know what’s too much as it’s not always clear. However, if you are going to give your dog CBD, you have to be extremely careful and cautious. It could be the dog doesn’t like the oil and if they take a bad reaction, you should stop using it on them. That is important—not only to keep the dog safe but to ensure no further problems arise because of the oil.

What Can the Oil Be Used For?

There are lots of conditions in which CBD active can be used for in pets including anxiety, a loss of appetite and even help with pain relief. However, you have to be careful with dogs and what you give them. Not all conditions can be treated with CBD oils and you have to take your pet to the vet first. It would be a smart move to talk to a vet before you give the pet any CBD oils. This is not just to help ensure the dog is getting the right treatments but to ensure the dog isn’t allergic to it either. Talking to a vet might enable you to understand how much you should give to your pet and how often too.

 Be Careful with CBD Oil

Let’s be honest, there are many benefits to come from the oil but that doesn’t mean to say it will be suitable for every pet. That isn’t to try and deter you from using it with your dogs but rather to air on the side of caution before you put all your eggs into this basket! It’s about protecting your dog at the end of the day so just ensure you know all about the oil before you use it. CBD is a really useful option and you have to do your homework before giving it to your dog. Continue Reading

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